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Storey Club

Storey Club

London is your office

Meeting rooms, events spaces & lounges.

Whenever you need them.

In two landmark locations.

Imagine a club made for business, by award-winning world-class designers.

A place for your team meetings, video calls, presentations, pitches, product launches and more. With the tech, at your fingertips. And private booths, where you can work quietly.

A place that couldn’t be easier to get to, steps from one of London’s best-connected stations. Where nowhere is far and nothing is too much trouble.

A place you can treat as your own, without actually owning it.


Welcome to Storey Club.


100 Liverpool Street

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Paddington Central

4 Kingdom Street

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Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm

Event bookings can also be arranged outside of normal hours. To enquire email here or call 0208 012 7880 to speak to the team.