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A spotlight on 1FA: Bringing office space to life

Our latest Spotlight piece focuses on 1FA and one of the businesses behind the development.

1FA is situated in Finsbury Square Avenue, a stone’s throw from Broadgate Circle in the heart of Broadgate Campus. It was originally constructed in the 1980s but was refurbished in 2019 – giving an industrial warehouse a modern and contemporary feel.

Known for its vibrant interiors, the building blends its cutting-edge warehouse exterior with pops of bold colours as seen with British artist Morag Myerscough’s iconic sculpture in the atrium.

Stace, an independent, RICS chartered surveying company, provided the project management and consultancy for 1FA overseeing the renovation.

Stace worked on the 1FA project for 18 months before Storey officially opened its doors across two floors in the final quarter of 2019 – and recently became one of the building’s very own customers.

We caught up with Gareth Sinnamon, Partner and Executive Board Member at Stace, he shared his experience of overseeing the project management of 1FA – from the initial creative inception to the nuts and bolts of the delivery and eventually moving in…

What was involved with developing 1FA?

We worked closely with the Storey team to advise and develop its proposition across London, including the 1FA development as a recently refurbished development in the heart of the Broadgate campus.

This involved advising the initial concept, developing its design and starting construction across Storey occupied space, as the first two floors of the building. As part of this, we oversaw the fitting of the office space throughout the shared and communal spaces.

What were you looking to achieve when developing 1FA?

First and foremost, we wanted to create an environment that inspired new customers to want Storey office space.

One way we achieved this was to create a compelling visual space for customers to enjoy. We worked with International architects Gensler to transform the existing Grade II listed building into a modern, warehouse aesthetic, awash with colourful interiors.

We also wanted to maximise office space and create different break-out areas for customers. We helped them develop meeting rooms, private working booths and communal areas in different pockets of the building.


Did your work on the development of 1FA influence your decision to move in?

Yes, definitely. One of the best benefits of 1FA is its location, set in the heart of the City of London, with excellent transport connections and a lively campus setting.

The building has plenty of high-quality space, and its 3,000 sq ft roof terrace with panoramic city views is a real selling point for our clients and colleagues.

1FA also enables us to showcase our work to our clients – not just at 1FA, but also other projects we delivered within the Broadgate campus, such as 3 Broadgate.

How does Stace benefit from Storey office space at 1FA?

Stace operate a hybrid working policy that enables our London staff members to work between a mix of office and remote working.

1FA has also given us the opportunity to bring all our disciplines into one space encouraging collaborative working across teams. We have created an inviting entrance area, break-out space, along with four meeting rooms. The kitchen is a welcoming space with both high and low benches and tables for our colleagues to collaborate.

We also have an additional 120 members of staff based at our offices in Birmingham, Cambridge, Epping and Leeds. Storey provides us with the flexibility needed to expand the size of our London office if we grow, or if our colleagues choose to relocate to the capital – another reason it’s a great fit for our business.

We are proud to have worked with the Storey team to develop such an iconic building and we look forward to welcoming new businesses to the building soon.

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