Storey sponsors the Small Business of the Year Award

James Lowery 02 Nov 2017

The British Small Business Awards celebrates leading SME’s across the UK spanning a wide range of sectors. Small businesses provide constant innovation and their new products and services are invaluable to the UK economy, which the annual award ceremony sets out to highlight.

At Storey, our customers include some of the capital’s most innovative SME’s, as well as global project teams from some of the largest businesses around, so growing businesses are key to us. The Small Business of the Year category reflects Storey’s ethos and its mission to support those businesses in the next phase of their growth journey.

This year’s winner, Rotageek, helps businesses create employee schedules using cloud-based technology. It has completely disrupted the workforce management market, saving companies over 50% of scheduling related admin time. The companys revenue grew threefold last year and continues to grow at the same rate. O2, the telecommunications giant, is said to have been able to reinvest £2.5 million into customer experience as a result of the scheduling system solution.

Rotageek CEO and Co-Founder Chris McCoullough told Smallbusiness.co.uk ‘Winning the Small Business of the Year award marked a real turning point for us. It felt like it sparked a transition from being a start-up/scale up into a bona fide SME.’

You can read the full interview with smallbusiness.co.uk here.

*Since publishing this article, Rotageek has become a Storey customer at Appold Studios, Broadgate.

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