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Flexible office space: your guide to managed and serviced offices

Offices have changed. Two years on from the first signs of a global pandemic, the way we work has, for many, altered considerably. The role of the office has shifted to reflect these new working patterns. As a result, leasing terms have become more flexible, more adaptable and more resilient to change.

New research found that almost eight in 10 businesses are now adopting a hybrid model in 2022 and beyond.* As a direct result, an office environment needs to work harder to incentivise employees to return.

In a post pandemic world, companies are viewing offices as a way to foster culture and collaboration more than before. Office spaces need to be able to flex to each business’ needs and requirements.

But, with ever-changing goal posts, how do you choose the right model for you? Here, we unpack the benefits of two flexible arrangements: managed and serviced offices.

A managed office – Yours from the ground up

A managed office is a purpose-built office space managed by a third party. The space is tailored to suit the exact needs of a business, giving complete design control.

This blank canvas approach provides an opportunity to curate a space that truly reflects your brand and corporate identity.

Typically, multi-year leases, offer greater flexibility than you would get with a conventional lease and a brand identity that you wouldn’t receive with a serviced office. An important next step for a business who may have outgrown their coworking or serviced space.

Managed offices often include breakout areas and meeting rooms within your assigned unit, rather than shared with other businesses, as typically seen with serviced-style arrangements.

As a result of having more creative freedom and your own space, this can be more of a personalised offer compared to a serviced office offering – and whether it’s suitable for you, depends on the needs and requirements of your business.

A serviced office – how does it work?

A serviced office provides a ‘plug and play’ offer. A space to work in but tends to come without the personalisation.

This model typically offers shorter flexible terms, which can appeal to start-ups and newly launched businesses, or sole traders. Desks, wifi and plug in-points are arranged by the building owner, and the office will have been set-up to their specifications, rather than yours.

The beauty of serviced offices comes in two ways; the first is the ease of the arrangement – take the lease, the place is yours to show up into and just start working.

Second, the lease arrangements can be much shorter, as little as a month in some cases, because you take nothing with you, leaving the office open to the next business to come along.

Typically, costs for managed and serviced offices are grouped together. Customers are handed an all-inclusive invoice each month meaning there are no little headaches around extra charges.

What makes Storey different?

At Storey, we blur the lines between the two. Giving you complete flexibility around the size of your office, the length of your lease and how it looks, all in one hassle-free package.

Our flexible workspaces are designed to move with our customers, whether looking to scale-up or re-design to allow for new working styles. We package everything up into clear flexible leases, starting at just 12 months. We own and manage our Storey buildings, meaning we have greater flexibility to adapt our offer and improve our customer experience.

Our design team works directly with you to cover space planning, branding, furniture procurement and analysis of the user experience within the space. Giving you complete autonomy. Our furniture consultants can select bespoke items such as personalised wall finishes, meeting room furniture, room layouts and break-out spaces – the choice is yours, perfect for the discerning design guru.

Beyond your own office, the shared areas offer private phone booths, break-out spaces and meeting rooms – with each Storey building managed by a dedicated Community Manager.

Our office spaces aim to capture your brand by providing premium spaces in several Campus locations in the heart of London.

Find out more about how Storey can change the face of the space you work in. Get in touch with us here.

*Research commissioned by CBRE’s ‘Office Occupier Sentiment Survey’, in summer 2021, found that 77% of companies are adopting hybrid working patterns.